WooCommerce Maintenance Service

Time to uncomplicate your webstore.

Feeling stuck when it comes to your website? We’ll get your business where it needs to be by taking care of WooCommerce maintenance (and more) for you.
WooCommerce Maintenance Services

It’s so difficult to make your business reach its full potential when you’re already feeling overwhelmed by day-to-day website maintenance. Working with an experienced WooCommerce maintenance agency is a great way to take back control of your time.

From building fast, easy-to-navigate WooCommerce websites, to adding website functionality, installing the best plugins, and more – we take care of everything so you can relax and watch your business grow.

WooCommerce is Powerful, but with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Out-of-context quotes aside, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that WooCommerce isn’t for the faint of heart.

We’ve spent years working with all kinds of different webstore platforms and decided long ago to focus exclusively on WooCommerce. It may be complex, but you can do anything you can imagine with WooCommerce. The same can’t be said for its competitors, which are typically closed source and have a limited pool of extensions and developers.

Need a unique checkout experience? Let’s talk about how to get it done. Have a product that’s just a little different? No problem. Want subscriptions to only fire under very specific conditions? Do-able.

WooCommerce is massively customizable, and with a massive global community of developers and software working each day to make everything better, you can be sure WooCommerce will be around for years to come.


Here’s What We Do (So You Don’t Have To)

WordPress and WooCommerce Maintenance Services

We keep your website user-friendly by properly updating and maintaining your software. This includes WordPress core, WooCommerce, WooCommerce plugins and extensions, your theme, and all other plugins.

Site Customization

We make your WooCommerce site feel, act, and look modern, efficient, and beautiful.

Advanced Conversion Tracking

Do you feel a tiny jolt of excitement each time you think about checking your website’s traffic reports in Google Analytics?

Or, maybe you dread looking at the numbers altogether – let alone trying to make sense of all the different statistics.

We offer advanced conversion tracking that sheds light on your data so you can see exactly where you’re making sales, where you’re losing them, and where you can create more leads.

Speed Tests

Site speed should never hold you back from making sales. We perform speed tests daily, but more importantly, we follow up on them by optimizing your website based on the results. We keep it running smoothly so your customers can fly through the checkout process, hassle-free.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not getting the search results your business needs? We’ll work up a targeted hit list of keywords along with sustainable strategies you can put into action to improve your position in SERPs. Learn more

Secure Backups

Also known as “the last resort,” our secure backups ensure that your site can be restored to the latest, safest version in case of an emergency.

Google Ads

We’ve been professionally managing digital marketing for clients for over a decade and we’re Google Ads Partners. Learn more

Transparent Reports

100% transparent reporting is an important aspect of what we do. We create comprehensive (and comprehensible) monthly reports with conversion rates and more, so our members can always see exactly how much ROI they’re getting.

Malware Scanning & Security

We run multiple internal and external security scans each day to keep your site up and running and stop any safety threats in their tracks.

Full-service WooCommerce maintenance

A well-maintained WooCommerce site is only one part of the bigger picture. At Barrel Roll, we combine decades of experience with WordPress maintenance, SEO, content development, digital marketing, and more to help your business grow.

Get in touch to see how we can work together.